About Pepita

When people ask me what drives me, my answer has always been: solving problems, learning new things and sharing my knowledge with others.


Problem solving

Where for others the word ‘problem’ can have a negative meaning, it has a positive meaning to me. Namely, a dream of where you want to go. A problem is just the gap between where you are now and where you want to go, your goal. The gap is the challenge to overcome. Find out what causes this gap and what needs to be done to close it, and you are already a lot closer to reaching your goal.


I have always been an active problem solver. Resulting in taking on board positions on student council, associations, municipal politics, et cetera. Or simply help people who facing a barrier. Of course, I also use this talent professionally. First in employment, but since 1997 as an independent interim manager and consultant and in my own companies.


I worked for, among others, Kellogg’s, Akzo Nobel, Elsevier Science, Scoot Nederland, Publicis, ING Bank Netherlands, Innovam Group, Freeler, D’Arcy Communications Advisory, Nuon, Delft University of Technology, Rijksmuseum, Wehkamp, ​​DSB International, Municipality of The Hague, Post NL, Doorrood/Information Office Inland Navigation, Nielson Marketing and for various industries in small and medium-sized businesses in the Netherlands and Spain.


Continuous learning

I studied business and marketing at renowned institutions such as Nyenrode Business University, American Graduate School of International Management and TIAS School for Business and Society. I have been working in marketing since 1990 and I constantly keep myself informed of developments in the business and marketing field. I expand my knowledge on a continuous basis by reading books, blogs, following online courses and watching videos.


Because I like to understand the big picture, I also focus on other areas of interest, such as Organizational Culture, Behavioral Economics, UX, Design Thinking according to the MIT method and philosophy of management and organization. My experience is that other topics always offer insights to further develop my own field of expertise. The German sociologist Max Weber and the American organizational development expert Edgar Schein, have had an enormous influence on my thinking.


I also have an eye for detail and execution and studied topics such as Facebook Marketing and Advertising, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, SEO, Content and Inbound Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. Because of my knowledge of online marketing, I know better than anyone how to translate strategic choices into online implementation. Looking ahead in a practical way!


Sharing knowledge

My family is one of teachers and although, after high school, I absolutely did not want to become one, later on it was a deep desire to share my knowledge with others. So I jumped at the opportunity to teach part-time at the Hague University. At the communication faculty of the Hague University I was also a member of the curriculum committee and I developed the subjects Organizational culture and Change management, Corporate Social Responsibility & Communication, Introduction to Integrated Communication, and Communication Planning. In Spain I taught at private university MIUC in Marbella. At this new university I developed and taught the courses Integrated Marketing and Introduction to to Marketing. I now share my knowledge through workshops and training courses; open or tailor-made for companies.


Fascinated by the relationship between brands and organizational culture and how the entrepreneur can benefit from it, I am currently working on my first book.


You can contact me if you want help with:


  • How to position yourself as an entrepreneur.
  • How to choose your customers. Making a choice in the products/services you offer and how to create a competitive position in the market.
  • How to build a strong brand that your ideal customer wants to pay more for.
  • How to communicate your brand promise.
  • How your organization can fulfill the brand promise.
  • How to build a strong employer brand.
  • Finding the causes that keep you from achieving your business goal and delivering solutions for them.


Learn more about What I do, for Whom, and How.


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