PLU: Pivoting an InsurTech

PLU: PIVOTING AN INSURTECH Background A Dutch online B2B insurance company needed to pivot and be repositioned and rebranded. Assignment Work on the pivot, repositioning, rebranding, and write [...]

Real Estate Agency 2

    International Real Estate Agency 2: How to organize their different brands   Background The owner of a real estate agency on the Costa del Sol had over the years set up a [...]

UK Leadership Coach

  A UK Leadership Coach: positioning a personal brand   Background A UK leadership coach had ambitions for the future. She would like to publish her book, do a Ted Talk, do more [...]

Real Estate Agency 1

    International Real Estate Agency 1: Improving market position   Background The owner of a real estate agency on the Costa del Sol, wanted to strengthen the brand to improve [...]

Health care service

  A health care service: Finding customers   Background A health care service on the Costa del Sol wanted to help foreigners living or vacationing there, with getting the healthcare and [...]

Hotel Restaurant Costa del Sol

  Hotel & Restaurant on the Costa del Sol: Insights into the ideal client   Background In 2013 the two owners of an established boutique hotel and restaurant on the Costa del Sol, [...]

Stainless steel fabrication

    Stainless steel fabrication: repositioning for the future   Background Nielson Marketingcommunicatie Agency needed a positioning and marketing strategist to work with their [...]

Information Office Inland Navigation

    Information Office Inland Navigation: Finding future employees   Background Doorrrood, an advertising agency needed an employer branding and job marketing strategist to develop [...]

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