Hotel & Restaurant on the Costa del Sol: Insights into the ideal client


In 2013 the two owners of an established boutique hotel and restaurant on the Costa del Sol, Spain needed a business plan to finance the purchase of the building they were renting. With the Spanish economy being in a recession and Spanish banks never financing 100%, outside investors were needed.



Develop a business plan for financing purposes.


Role & result

I had the lead and fulfilled the marketing consultant role and worked with a financial partner on the plan.


The owners of the hotel had been collecting data on their customers, which gave great insight into the growth they had realized in the 2 years they were in business, and the growth that was still possible. The numbers showed that this business was growing in economic dire times.


The insight that came from analyzing the data on their customers for the hotel as well as the restaurant, offered some surprising facts. The audiences the owners assumed were their best clients for the restaurant, weren´t in reality. Similar type insights were available for the hotel. It resulted in a refocus of their marketing efforts.


All in all, the whole business plan writing exercise served as an audit of how the business was doing and how it was organized, resulting in points for improvement throughout the organization.


At the beginning of 2014 the financing was finalized.



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