Information Office Inland Navigation: Finding future employees


Doorrrood, an advertising agency needed an employer branding and job marketing strategist to develop a strategy for their client Bureau Voorlichting Binnenvaart (Information Office Inland Navigation). This trade organization was, among other things, responsible for making sure there would be a big enough supply of employees for the industry in the future, as transport and logistics via Dutch rivers and water systems would become increasingly important.



Develop an employer branding and job marketing strategy.


Role & result

I was contracted as the strategist and worked with Doorrood on this project.


The solution was twofold. One part of the solution was getting teens enthusiastic about the prospect of working on boats navigating Dutch and European rivers and making good money in the process. In order to be suited for this kind of work they had to choose for a certain type of education early in life. This meant that a strategy was not only build targeted at the kids but also at parents and educators.


The second part of the solution was to persuade sea-going sailors with families, to exchange long periods away from home for two-week periods on/off in a similar work environment.


A multimedia strategy was developed with a good dose of social media.



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