Mi Primo Dani: Positioning and branding a Spanish startup



A startup wanted to launch a new banking product comparison site in Spain.



Develop the business, brand, and communication positioning.


Role & Result

As partner I developed the three levels of positioning.


The name Mi Primo Dani (My Cousin Dani) stood for the position of trust that the business wanted to have in the market. During competition research it was discovered that the competitors often did not offer the best banking product for the customer, but offered what was best for the comparison site. Mi Primo Dani wanted to be a trustworthy “comparador”.

Mi Primo Dani symbolized that relative or friend a person turns to for help. Because that is what happens in real life. If you need help with something, be it some construction done on your house, advice on the best health insurance, or a place to buy a car, you ask someone you know and trust to help you. Hence, Mi Primo Dani.


Mi Primo Dani was executed as a cartoon to make the brand more approachable and add a bit of fun to the serious topic of banking products.



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