International Real Estate Agency 1: Improving market position


The owner of a real estate agency on the Costa del Sol, wanted to strengthen the brand to improve their market position and reputation among their two target audiences of buyers and sellers.



Evaluate and if necessary improve the current positioning and the brand strategy.


Role & result

As a consultant I worked with the client through a 1-on-1 workshop method to look at the current positioning. It proved to be necessary to redefine the business definition of the real estate agency with regard to customer needs to fulfil, services to deliver, types of homes, which target audiences, but also the area in which to operate. We ended up with a business positioning that was narrower and tighter, and as a result more focused. This helped in prequalifying potential buyers and being more efficient in time spent, as selling second homes to foreign clients can be a time consuming and years long process.


After developing the more focused business positioning, I developed a brand and communication positioning for the client. This was strongly based on the personal values of the entrepreneur on one hand, but also as distinct from the competition.


The brand then later formed the bases for a new tagline and visual identity.



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