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As a result of the liberalization of the postal market in 2008 TNT Post (Mail) had to compete with organizations that pay their employees one third of the earnings of the TNT mailman. Departing mailmen therefore had to be replaced by cheaper part-time mail carriers. TNT Post did not practice Employer Branding. Job marketing for this particular part-time position was decentralized, not consistent and as a result unworthy of the TNT Post brand. Because of the decentralization there were no processes in place to handle large numbers of applicants.



Develop a job marketing strategy for mail carriers that will fit within a still to be developed Employer Branding strategy. Centralize the job marketing function and processes.


Role & result

During 2 years I fulfilled the role of interim manager.


At the start of the Assignment TNT Post was preparing a switch to the “Sure we can” brand proposition. Because of that an employer branding strategy was not developed at the time. From the start of the project the people responsible for the two other large functional groups – graduates and professionals –  joined the development of the new job marketing strategy for part-time mail carriers. Simultaneously, the issue of Employer Branding was put on the map with the TNT Board.


For the position of part-time mail carrier the campaign “Everyone is awaiting you” was developed. From the start this campaign was extremely successful. From July 1, 2008 until July 1, 2009 24.600 mail carriers where recruited. In 2009 465.000 job applications where received. In 2009 within TNT Post this achievement was awarded the Master of Excellence Award for projects. The campaign for the recruitment of mail carriers was nominated for the SAN Accent advertising award in 2009.


The recruitment of part time mail carriers was extended to the recruitment of all postal production workers; drivers, sorters and collection workers. The recruitment of people for the Christmas and New Year period is a yearly returning challenge. Because of that a separate campaign was developed for the recruitment of temporary employees for the month of December 2009. Within 6 weeks 57.548 people applied for 6.000 temporary positions. This campaign was nominated for the job marketing effectivity award SJP Effectiviteitmagneet.


I played an active role in the development of brand strategies and creative concepts that were developed for graduates and professionals. Respectively, “Yep” and “When certainties disappear, opportunities appear”. This all resulted in an overall Employer Brand for the whole organization, that although it had different aspects for the different target audiences, was consistent overall.


I had an active role in the new recruitment website for postal production workers by developing the functional concept. On the one hand the applicant’s journey on the site was leading. On the other hand TNT Post’s wanted to keep suitable candidates on the site until they had been matched with one of thousands of job openings, based on their profile and wishes.


I was also involved in the development of the processes and IT systems to facilitate the application flow from beginning to end; from recruitment website to connect with existing HR systems.



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